Nasir Kazmi

Nasir KazmiNasir Kazmi was an Urdu poet from Pakistan. Kazmi was born on 8 December 1925 at Ambala, Punjab, (British India).

Kazmi used simple words in his poetry, including “Chand”, “Raat”, “Baarish”, “Mausam”, “Yaad”, “Tanhai”, “Darya” and gave them life by his style of poetry. He was known for using chhotee beher or short verses in his poetry. His poetry continues to be used on Pakistan Television (PTV) TV shows as well as in India in Bollywood films.

Nasir Kazmi was influenced by the romantic poetry of Akhtar Sheerani and also took guidance in his poetry from the poet Hafeez Hoshiarpuri. He also had great admiration for the poetry of Mir Taqi Mir.

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