Gopal Singh Nepali

Gopal Singh Nepali

Gopal Singh NepaliGopal Singh Nepali (11 August 1911 – 17 April 1963) was an Indian poet of Hindi literature and a lyricist of Bollywood. He was the son of Rel Bahadur Singh and Saraswoti. He was born on birthday of Lord Krishna (Krishna Janmashtami). His association with Bollywood spanned around two decades, beginning in 1944 and ended with his death in 1963.

He was a poet of post-Chhayavaad period, and he wrote several collections of Hindi poems including “Umang” (published in 1933).The names of famous poetry collections such as Umang, Ragini, panchhi, Neelima, Himalaya ne Pukara etc. are notable in their important works. He also wrote collections of Nepali poem as ‘Kalpana’.

He was also a journalist and edited at least four Hindi magazines, namely, Ratlam Times, Chitrapat, Sudha, and Yogi.

गोपाल सिंह नेपाली हिन्दी एवं नेपाली के प्रसिद्ध कवि थे। उन्होने बम्बइया हिन्दी फिल्मों के लिये गाने भी लिखे। वे एक पत्रकार भी थे जिन्होने “रतलाम टाइम्स”, चित्रपट, सुधा, एवं योगी नामक चार पत्रिकाओं का सम्पादन भी किया। सन् १९६२ के चीनी आक्रमन के समय उन्होने कई देशभक्तिपूर्ण गीत एवं कविताएं लिखीं जिनमें ‘सावन’, ‘कल्पना’, ‘नीलिमा’, ‘नवीन कल्पना करो’ आदि बहुत प्रसिद्ध हैं।

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